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Northeast Dance Center is located at 151 Silver Lake Road, Suite 104, New Brighton, MN 55112.


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NEDC Stay Safe Plan

As we move back to in-person classes, we are taking measures to keep our dancers, their families, and our staff safe and healthy. Below are a few general guidelines for in-person classes and camps. Prior to taking an in-person class, please review the info packet you received via email with our detailed COVID-19 Stay Safe Plan.


General Guidelines for Staff, Students, and Families

  • Prior to the start of a dance class or youth dance day camp, families will receive an info packet via email informing them of NEDC’s Stay Safe Policies and Procedures 
  • Staff members will not work at the studio if they are currently experiencing or have experienced any new symptoms consistent with COVID-19 within the last 72 hours 
  • Students may not attend classes/camps if they or a member of their household are showing any new symptoms consistent with COVID-19 now or within the last 72 hours
  • Face coverings are required for everyone in the building ages 6 & up when the students or staff are not dancing
    • Face coverings may be removed while dancing
    • Face coverings for children ages 2-5 are not mandatory
    • Staff will wear a face covering whenever possible while dancing, particularly when working in close contact with students (giving personal corrections/instruction, help tying shoes, etc.)
    • Please bring a zip lock-type bag for masks to be stored during dancing if face coverings are removed for dancing
  • Staff members and clients can communicate with the business owner (Abbie Montermini) regarding health issues or concerns (including “calling in sick”) in person (if healthy), via email, text or a phone call 
  • Prior to leaving their homes to come to the studio, parents should take their student’s temperature as well as assess if their student has any new symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Upon entering the building, dancers should follow signs to the appropriate studio (1 or 2)
  • Prior to entering the dance studio, parents will be required to verify that their dancer has been symptom free for 72 hours and that their dancer is not currently running a fever or exhibiting any new symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (if you do not have access to a thermometer, please let us know)
  • If possible, parents of dancers age 8 & older should not wait for their dancers in the building
  • For parents of dancers under age 8 or those not able to wait outside, we ask that only 1 parent or guardian enter the building and that they follow social distancing and respiratory etiquette, including but not limited to maintaining 6 feet of separation from others in the building and wearing a cloth face covering
  • Dancers should come dressed and ready for dance class/camp-use the restrooms only for going to the bathroom and handwashing, not changing clothes unless absolutely necessary
  • The water dispenser will not be available at this time; please bring a full, labeled water bottle from home
  • Please only bring a small bag with required dance items (dance shoes, skirt or other accessory) and a water bottle to class-please leave other items at home or in your vehicle
  • Students and families will also see signs with reminders to social distance, wash their hands, and cover their coughs and sneezes
  • Dancers and staff will utilize tape markings on the floor to maintain 6 feet of separation during classes
  • Students will be instructed to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the dance studio as well as after eating, drinking, coughing, or sneezing as those events occur
  • If during a class or camp session a student begins to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, that student along with his or her belongings will be taken to the Suite 103 waiting area to wait to be picked up by a parent or guardian
    • After that student has left, the waiting area and studio will be sanitized with Clorox or Lysol spray/disinfecting wipes
  • The dance studios have minimal surfaces for dancers to touch, and those few surfaces will be easily disinfected before, after, and during classes/camps as needed with a Lysol wipe or spray
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