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Northeast Dance Center is located at:

475 Old Hwy 8 NW, Suite 290
New Brighton, MN 55112


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To register online, please click the link below to begin the process. For levels with more than one class/week, you will need to add each class separately. Tuition calculates based on total hours danced per week. 


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Parent Handbook
Policies and studio information, updated 10-9-21
NEDC Parent Handbook.pdf
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Studio Etiquette

In order to show honor and respect to one another, we ask that students and families observe the following etiquette:


  • Please be on time for all classes, if not a few minutes early
  • Parents, please be on time in picking up your students after class and performances
  • If you must arrive late, please ask permission to enter, then enter quietly and jump into class as quickly as possible
  • Students are only allowed to bring water into the dance studio (please label your water bottle with your name!)
  • Please keep food and beverages other than water out of the studio and dressing room areas
  • While observing classes from the hallway, please be quiet and respectful in your comments
  • Our waiting room is just down the hall in suite 103
  • From time to time you will have the opportunity to observe classes from inside the classroom, but if visitors wish to observe a class at a different time, please check with the teacher as far in advance as possible
  • It is most respectful to not speak while others are speaking (especially the teacher!!) but if you have a question, please raise your hand

Parents we ask for your special support in training your tiny dancers in this way!

  • Students, we encourage you to encourage one another in love and good deeds by speaking well of one another and edifying your fellow dancers as you see ways in which God has gifted and grown them in their dancing and as young men and women
  • If you are injured or sick, please ask permission from your teacher to sit down and watch class
  • If you are injured or have a non-contagious illness, it would benefit you to come and watch class

Side note: Dance is a discipline so part of the discipline is maintaining the habit of coming and watching-you can still learn from class even if you cannot participate!

  • If you have a fever or contagious illness, please contact the studio and stay home to recuperate
  • Please put your name/your dancer’s name on shoes, clothes, water bottles, etc.…we would hate for you to lose them
  • Students who have cell phones should put their phones on silent in their dance bags during class (bags may be brought into the dance area for safe keeping)


Our waiting room is just down the hall in suite 103. There is seating, children’s books, puzzles, toys, and a space for you to visit while you wait. You are also welcome to wait in the hallway outside the studio door.

Tuition & Policies

Tuition and Fees

A non-refundable Annual Registration fee of $25/new student, $15/returning student (max of $50/family) is due at the time of registration. This fee holds the dancer's spot in the class, registration is not complete until this fee is paid.

Tuition is due during the 1st week of classes each month. Short-term tuition is a one-time fee/session/student and is due the first week of the short-term session.  Tuition received 7 days after the 1st dance day of a month will incur a 10% late penalty. A $25 fee will be charged in the case of a returned check (NSF).


Tuition is calculated based on total hours danced/week per dancer. Tuition is based on 32 weeks of dance, divided into 9 equal payments. All full-season (September–May) students are scheduled 32 classes/season.


Each class costume will have a separate fee. There will also be a $10 Performance Fee/dancer due with the costume fee that will be reimbursed for volunteers in the form of a credit towards tickets or tuition. The Performance Fee helps cover the costs of performances. Costume and performance fees must be paid in advance before any costumes can be taken home with students.


Tuition can be paid in person (or mailed to the studio by cash or check or through PayPal using our online registration system (login here). Payments made via PayPal are automatically charged a convenience fee.


Sibling enrollment discounts:

10% off family monthly tuition for the second family member enrolled

15% off family monthly tuition for the third family member enrolled

20% off family monthly tuition for the fourth family member enrolled

25% off family monthly tuition for the fifth (and subsequent) family member(s) enrolled

Multiples discount: multiples (twins, triplets, etc…) receive an extra 2-3% off tuition each month in addition to the standard sibling discounts.


Scholarships/Tuition Discounts

Currently no tuition scholarships are available; however, administrative and other miscellaneous duties completed by students can be reimbursed with tuition discounts. Parents/students receiving tuition benefits may be required to sign and fulfill a written agreement. a 3% discount is give for full season (Sept-May) tuition payments. Please contact Abbie regarding tuition dicounts.


Weather Related Closings
For the safety of our staff and students we reserve the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather. We will post closings on our website and send out emails as soon as we decide to close. There will not be refunds for weather related closings, however, students may make up the classes at an equivalent or lower level class within 30 days of a closing.

Since we live in MN, should an excessive amount of weather-related closings occur, the studio will consider offering open level make up classes on a Saturday.


Make-up Classes

Should you miss a class, you are able to take any class of an equivalent or lower level within 30 days of the class that was missed. Please be aware that if you miss a class in which choreography was taught, you will need to learn that choreography from a fellow student or possibly schedule a private lesson with your instructor.


Private Lessons

Each instructor sets her own private lesson rate, so please contact the instructor to discuss private lessons should they be desired.


In order to minimize costs, we will not take typical dance studio photos, however we will have a week where parents are able to come take photographs during class. We will also have a photographer take live action photographs during the performances that will be available for purchase.



Each year the students will dance in a year-end performance with dances from groups in the Dance and Performance tracks. There will be at least two performances of this concert. This performance will include age-appropriate music from classical, Christian, Broadway, and popular music genres. The PTrack students will also perform in a mid-year performance as well as community performances through out the year. Please watch the website and check in the office for performance details. 


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