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Dress Code

All students age 18 & under
For the safety of dancers, no long earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Appropriate classroom jewelry includes small stud earrings and thin chain necklace that will not move, get caught in a students’ hair, break and/or spill onto the floor. All long hair should be back in a pony tail, braid, or bun (mandatory for Level 1-4 Ballet classes).


Short-Term Classes
There's no specific dress code for the short-term classes, including our preschool dance classes and camps in the summer. Unless otherwise noted, at minimum students should wear clothing that is easy to move in. If you would like to purchase dancewear (leotard, tights, and shoes) please refer to the information below.


Creative Movement/Pre-ballet/Broadway & Ballet Students

Girls: Please wear comfortable and inspiring ballet leotard in any color. Leotards with attached skirts (dance dress) or tutus are acceptable.
Footwear: We prefer pink dance-able (not the regular cotton) tights. Pink ballet shoes required. Tap shoes (black or tan) are require for Broadway & Ballet as well.
Girls’ Hair: Long hair should be tied back in a ponytail or bun. Short hair should be pulled back away from the eyes so the student can see clearly.  

Boys: Solid colored t-shirt and solid colored sweat pants or shorts. Black ballet shoes. Black tap shoes are required for Broadway & Ballet as well.


Level 1-4 Ballet, Modern, & Lyrical
Girls’ Clothing: Black leotard (any sleeve length is acceptable, tank or camisole is preferred) and pink tights, a black ballet skirt is optional.*
Girls’ Shoes: Pink (canvas or leather) ballet shoes. Full sole or split sole shoes are acceptable for
Dance Track students. Performance Track students should wear split sole ballet shoes.
Girls’ Hair: All long hair must be pulled back into a bun, short hair pulled back off the face as much as possible.

Boys’ Clothing: White t-shirt and black exercise pants, dance pants or shorts. Black ballet shoes.


Teen and Adult Classes

Teen Girls’ Clothing: Any solid colored-leotard, pink tights, and any color ballet skirt.*

Teen Girls’ Shoes: Pink (canvas or leather) ballet shoes.
Boys: Solid colored t-shirt and black pants or shorts. Black Ballet Shoes.
Adults (Women and Men): Comfortable (dance-able) exercise clothing.

*Dance warm-up clothes may be permitted for a short period of each class during colder months at each teacher’s discretion. Please no pajama pants or baggy sweats.


Jazz, Tap, & Musical Theatre Dance Classes
Girls:  Any color leotard and dance tights. If a dancer does not have a ballet class the same day, a solid colored tank top and legging may be worn instead of a leotard and tights.No bra tops or bare midriffs with shorts/pants please. Appropriate dance attire such as exercise pants (i.e. “running,” “yoga,” or “jazz” pants) may be worn over or in lieu of tights for jazz and tap classes only. No jeans, sweatpants, baggy clothing, etc.

Boys: Solid colored t-shirt and black pants or shorts.

Shoes: Black tap or jazz shoes (as applicable).
Advanced Musical Theatre dancers may also wear character shoes with a 1-1 ½ inch heel.

Female dancers will most likely have to wear tights for our performances as well as future theater performances, so class is a great way to get used to dancing in tights! Please contact the office or instructor with further questions regarding dress code.

For your convenience a suggested “dress code” for each level is available on Discount Dance Supply’s website.


Dancewear Resources

Grand Jete has been providing dancewear and dance shoe fitting for many years. The owner Ruthena is wonderful and the staff (which is made up of dancers) know the products well - this is the only place our owner Abbie will send first time pointe dancers to get fitted for pointe shoes.

Another local option is Step 'N Stretch in Arden Hills, just a few miles away.


For those of you who like to shop from the convenience of your smartphone or computer, Discount Dance Supply is a great option. You can view suggested dancewear items online at: Northeast Dance Center Dress Code. Please note, these are not the only acceptable leotards, tights, shoes, accessories, etc, but these are suggestions of a variety of low-cost styles available through Discount Dance Supply. Students are free to wear any dancewear that meets the above dress code requirements.


If you decide to order on your own from Discount Dance Supply, use the coupon code in the image on the right side of the page to save 8% on your first order and 5% on subsequent orders.

Dancewear Order Form
NDC Order Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [73.7 KB]
The above dance order form allows you to order Disount Dance Supply dancewear through Northeast Dance Center. Please print and complete the order form and we will get the items delivered to your students at the studio!
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